Error monitoring, simplified

Bulit for React. No code changes. No dependencies.Works on server, client, and edge.

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Why Bugpilot?

Modern stack

  • No code changes, set up in 1 minute with our CLI wizard
  • No production dependencies
  • Lightweight, minimal runtime overhead
  • Full-stack: works on server, client and edge
  • Shows React component names in stack traces (without source maps)
  • Comprehensive platform

  • Comes with built-in user-friendly error pages
  • Bug reporting widget for those bugs that can't be caught
  • Open-source client libraries, MIT-licensed, and available on GitHub so you can inspect the code
  • EU data residency, GDPR-compliant
  • What's inside

    Simplicity. We worked hard to make Bugpilot so simple you can start tracking errors in one minute with no code changes required. Our CLI wizard will do all the heavy lifting for you. The Bugpilot dashboard does one thing only: it shows you which are the most important errors to fix, and helps you understand why they happened.

    Metrics at a glance

    Know exactly if there's something requiring your attention.

    No-stress error list

    See the list of errors, with junk filtered out by default.

    Human-friendly errors

    See the error details, we provide all the details you need — without even reading the stack trace.

    AI-assisted debugging

    Get GPT-4 help for understanding cryptic error messages and plan a fix.

    Reliable session recordings

    Frontend errors come with browser logs and a session recording: you see what happened with your own eyes.

    Infinite integrations

    Connect your own webhook to get notified on Slack, email, or to create Jira tickets for the most impactful errors.

    Delight your users

    Try-catching errors is not enough. Bugpilot comes with all the tools you need to communicate with your users, increase their trust in your product and reduce support requests.

    User-friendly error pages

    We teamed up with a team of senior User Experience designers and designed pre-defined error pages that are user-friendly and easy to customize to match your brand.

    Example error page

    (more examples coming soon!)

    Bug-reporting Widget

    Collect bug reports from your users with a widget you can embed in your app.

    Bug-reporting Widget

    Privacy by design

    Bugpilot is GDPR-compliant and designed with a privacy-first approach. We don't log any user information unless you explicitly send it to us. We also open-sourced our user-facing code so you can inspect what Bugpilot does behind the scenes.
    > We build, operate, and host Bugpilot in the European Union. After signing up, you can enter into a DPA agreement with us if it is required by your legislation. Enterpise customers can also choose their preferred data region. Talk to our engineers to discuss your specific requirements.

    Open source

    All the Bugpilot npm packages are open source, MIT-licensed, and available on GitHub for you to inspect. We publish to NPM with provenance enabled, so you can verify the integrity of the code you are running.
    Interested in self-hosting the full Bugpilot stack on your infrastructure? We offer it as an add-on to our Enterprise plan. Talk to our engineers and get a quote.