The 3 hidden truths about bugs that are costing your SaaS business time and money

How are bugs causing your SaaS business to lose money and customers?

The 3 hidden truths about bugs that are costing your SaaS business time and money
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Are bugs causing your SaaS business to lose money and customers? Discover the surprising truth behind the cost of bugs with these 3 hidden truths that may just surprise you. From the surprising number of users who don't report bugs to the true impact of frustration on your bottom line, get ready to uncover the truth about bugs and how they're affecting your SaaS business.

Users just want to get things done

Everyone knows what bugs are: from a “Submit" button that doesn't actually submit the form, to a page that takes too long to load, to a confusing and poorly designed screen where users get stuck. We've even written an article about the top 5 most common bugs that users face in web apps. Let's be real, as users we just want to get the goods! Whether it's launching our email sequence, updating our CRM, or booking a flight back home. The hard truth is that your users want the same thing from you, and they want it now.
For your users’ bugs are like roadblocks to getting things done in your app.
They don't care about the reasons behind bugs. And then again, why should your users care about what happens behind the scenes? Especially, if they are paying you money.

96% of your users won’t report bugs

You may think users will immediately report a bug, but think again. Only about 4% of users actually report a bug, according to our research and interviews with SaaS customer support teams. Then again who can blame them?
96% of your users get frustrated when they encounter a bug, and stay quiet.
Reporting bugs takes time and effort Reporting a bug can be a tedious process, involving answering 5-10 questions and providing a description of the issue, screenshot or screen recording, steps that led to the issues, device, browser, operating system, etc. And, even after all that, customer support may still ask additional questions in case they cannot reproduce the issue. Another option we’ve seen is “the dreaded bug reporting form”, which can take users up to 15 minutes to complete. On top of that, for your non-tech-savvy users, explaining a bug can be like speaking a foreign language.

Silent bugs are deadly

Bugs alone don't always drive users away, but a buildup of negative experiences can. Slow loading times, confusing user interfaces, clunky user flows, and even a broken button in a moment of need can all add up to a frustrating experience. It's not always easy to pinpoint the exact cause of a user leaving, but the accumulation of these pain points can certainly drive them away.

Conclusion: Bugs are a business problem

Bugs are not just a simple inconvenience, they're a major business problem! Here are the 2 main reasons why:
  1. It takes a village to find and fix bugs Let's start with the resolution process. Every time a user encounters a bug, it takes a whole team to fix it. You've got customer support collecting the details, product setting up the priority, and developers actually fixing the code. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! To make sure all of this runs smoothly, you've got a bunch of tools that always don’t talk to each other. Product analytics tools, Hotjar-like tools for user session recordings, Sentry to capture coding errors, Jira to track bugs, and the list goes on. It takes a village, and all of these roles have to work together to make sure that pesky bugs get squished.
  1. Bugs impact retention But wait, there's more! In today's world, user acquisition is getting more and more expensive. You need to make sure your users stick around, and bugs can be a big culprit in driving them away. A bug might seem like just a small inconvenience, but it can add up to a negative user experience that ultimately leads to users searching for a different solution.

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