The bug monitoring toolkit

Bugpilot includes all the features you need to monitor errors in your React apps, understand what's happening, and fix important issues faster.

  • Comes with built-in user-friendly error pages
  • Bug reporting widget for those bugs that can't be caught
  • Open-source client libraries, MIT-licensed, available on GitHub
  • Metrics at a glance

    Know exactly if there's something requiring your attention.

    No-stress error list

    See the list of errors, with junk filtered out by default.

    Human-friendly errors

    See the error details, we provide all the details you need — without even reading the stack trace.

    AI-assisted debugging

    Get GPT-4 help for understanding cryptic error messages and plan a fix.

    Reliable session recordings

    Frontend errors come with browser logs and a session recording: you see what happened with your own eyes.

    Infinite integrations

    Connect your own webhook to get notified on Slack, email, or to create Jira tickets for the most impactful errors.

    Join 2,300+ React Developers

    Get started with one CLI command and get your first error in minutes. No code changes. Open source.